About us

From the start of this concept, an entrepreneur with a long experience in the textile sector, Valérie Dubois-Chahmérian, would like to put her personal stamp on the project.

Her vision is expressed through the choice of brand name,  product development, Diversity’s website and her ethical commitment to her firm's management.

Diversity is prang from a passion for the textile industry shared with exceptional manufacturers whose know-how and talent, fidelity and reliability have been confirmed over years of continued cooperation. The direct communication maintained with suppliers, makes Diversity a profoundly human adventure, supported by mutual trust and stimulating exchanges.

Diversity , with it's commitment towards a socially responsible approach involving sustainable management processes with respect to the environment is conscious that quality is earned through  the fulfillment and motivation of all who contributes to the product’s making.

Diversity is driven by the strong belief that ethics correspond to an open minded clientele whose global vision is sensitive to the century’s greatest challenges. The brand is at the heart of a coherent view that little can be done without the sharing of expertise and a team spirit.